Mensaje Navideño de Roxette

Como todos los años roxette ha querido felicitar la navidad a sus fans con un mensaje publicado en varias páginas web como: The daily Roxette, o Roxetteblog.

2011 turned out to be something very special indeed. We don’t really know where to start! The ”She’s Got Nothing On”-single that made it all the way to the-4th-most-played-song-in-the-world for a couple of weeks? The Charm School album that felt like the perfect comeback for this young couple? Or The World Tour that kicked off in February? Oh yeah, let’s start there!

No one expected this kind of reception we got from you guys, we couldn’t even dream of filling huge arenas again. Almost 800,000 people came to the shows this year. That’s an awful lot of tickets!

And you know, we say it again and again, nothing would have been possible without the support, friendship, love + affection we get on a daily basis from YOU; The Rox Aficionados all over the world!!! You make things so much easier.

We certainly hope we’ll meet all of you again in 2012. Looks like this tour will have another 65 shows to go before the finale in October. New cities + new countries are in the can as well as some jolly returns to favourite places.

And, hey, as we’re writing this… we’re just wrapping up the recordings of the new T2 – Tourism 2-album. It feels like we’re having a splendid one coming up, recorded while touring, filled with the positive energy from you + from the superb bunch of musicians we’re blessed to work with.
We la-la-la-la-love it! Have a feeling you’re gonna love it too!

So, folks…..have a wonderful xmas + a mighty 2012.

Marie + Per

Fuente: The daily roxette, roxetteblog.

Entrevista a Per en el Hallandsposten después de tocar Roxette en España

Roxette vuelve a conquistar el mundo.
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Palau St. Jordi de Barcelona: cuando el guitarrista Christoffer Lundquist abre “Joyride” al ritmo de del himno del FC Barcelona, al mismo tiempo que Marie Fredriksson aparece con una camiseta nro. 10 de Lionel Messi, hierve todo el arena.
Roxette ha conquistado una ciudad más en su gira mundial más larga.
-Pero fue casi aun más histérico ayer en Madrid, apunta Per Gessle.